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This inquiry system has been specially developed for use by the packaging industry and the cosmetic industry. The tools consist of standard parts, which ensures a favourable price and a delivery time of only eight weeks.

The design makes it possible to order “new” cavities and the consequent re-use of all the mould plates and hotrunners.

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Close box W.1-1730

W.1-1730 is a low alloyed carbon steel to be used in as-delivered condition as bolster or holder steel for tools and dies or other machine parts. This steel can be affected by corrosion and therefore needs special care

Carbon steel with good machinability and good mechanical strength
Lower cost price per kg. and lower mould price

Typical analysis %C
Standard specificationW.-Nr. 1.1.1730, SS1650
Delivery conditionAs rolled. Hardness approx. 200 HB
Close box W.1-2085

W.1-2085 is a corrosion resistant holder steel with good machinability, supplied in the prehardened condition.
Good corrosion resistance reduces tool manufacturing and maintenance costs.

Lower maintenance costs and lower production costs since water cooling channels are less effected by corrosion, ensuring consistent cycle time

Typical analysis %Cr-Ni-Mo-V alloyed + Sulphur
Delivery conditionHardened & tempered to 350 HB
Close box Steel type for cavities

A steel that has gone through a special processing techniques and close control, the steel attains high purity and a very fine structure. Further, the steel shows significant improvements in isotropic properties compared to conventionally produced AISI H 13 grades.

The good properties profile for this steel compared to conventionally produced AISI H 13 grades means an improved tool performance and in the long run decreased costs.
  • High level of resistance to thermal shock and thermal fatigue
  • Good high-temperature strength
  • Excellent toughness and ductility in all directions
  • Good machinability and polishability
  • Excellent through-hardening properties
  • Good dimensional stability during hardening.
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